Click to enlargeArumugamangalam village is located in the erstwhile Tirunelveli and present Tuticorin District, Srivaikuntam Taluk.

Kottarakurichi is another revenue village with common boundary on West & South. Both these are considered twin villages.

The village is located about three kilometers North of Thambraparni river, six kilometers West of Tuticorin - Tiruchendur road. It lies on the state highway connecting Pudukottai and Srivaikuntam between 17 & 19 Kilometers from Pudukottai. The North main canal from Srivaikuntam Anaicut on Thambraparni river feeds the Irrigation cum water supply tank on the Northern boundary of the village. There are a few smaller villages Maramangalam & Korkai on East, and Vazhavallan on South. Eral, a commercial centre is on the West. The village is considered a twin with Kottarakurichi on the West & South boundary.

Transport facilities and Accessibility:

I From Tuticorin :

From Tuticorin : Tuticorin - Pudukottai - Chalai - PP Koil,
AGM Tank Bund Road

From Tuticorin : Tuticorin - Palayakayal, P.P.Koil
AGM Tank Bund Road


a. Through Pudukottai, Kootampuli, Iruvappapuram chalai, Perumadai Chathan koil and Arumugamangalam tank bund. The road upto Pudukottai is national highway and beyond State highway. The bund road on tank has very beautiful scenery of the 800 acre tank full with lotus, lily etc. We travel almost three kilometers on this picturesque road. Public transport system does not operate on this road. Distance from Arumugamangalam to Tuticorin is 25 kilometers.

b. Through Tuticorin - Tiruchendur road upto Palayakayal. Take first right turn near bus stop to join the tank bund road at Perumadai chatan koil. The road is good. Public transport system cover part of the road. Distance from Arumugamanglam to Tuticorin : 24 kms.

From Tuticorin : Tuticorin - Palayakayal - Chambady
Idayargadu - Maramangalam

From Tuticorin : Tuticorin - Palayakayal - Agaram -


c. On Palayakayal - Perumadai chatan koil road, take a (left) South turn to Chambadi, Idayarkadu, Maramangalam & Arumugamangalam. Public transport system on this road connect Tuticorin & Arumugamangalam by direct buses. Distance : 31 ks.

d. After crossing Palayakayal village, and after crossing an irrigation canal, take a (right) West turn to go through Agaram & Maramangalam. This road is a panchayat road with paddy/plantain crops on both sides of the road. Public transport system on this road connect Maramangalam & Tuticorin distance To Arumugamangalam from Tuticorin : 23 kms.

From Tuticorin : Tuticorin - Mukkani - Umarikadu
Ariyapuram - Selvanayagapuram

From Tirunelveli : Tirunelveli - Sri vaikundam -
Periankulam - Eral


e. On Tiruchendur road, after crossing Mukkani take the road to Umarikadu, Ariyapuram, Lakshmipuram, Selvanayagapuram to reach Arumugamangalam. No public transport system. On specific days private vans are available almost upto the village. Distance : 32 kms.

f. From Tirunelveli : Via Srivaikuntam, Perungulam, Mangalakurichi & Eral. Located 3 kilometers East of Eral. Connected by more than one route. Public transport system connect the places by hopping. Distance from Tirunelveli to Arumugamangalam : 40 kms.

From Tiruchendur : Tiruchendur - Authoor - Mukkani
Umarikadu - Ariyapuram - Selvanayagapuram

g. From Tiruchendur : between Athur & Mukkani after crossing the river take turn towards West to Umaricaud and follow the route detailed in (e) above. Distance : 32 kms.

Public transport system available by hopping.

II. Area :

The twin villages of Arumugamangalam and Kottarakurichi are taken together for all practical purposes as a single village. The surrounding hamlets of Karaiyadiyur on North, Arasankulam on East, Selvanayagapuram and Ganapathi samudram on South are served by the post offices in Arumugamangalam. And are considered part of the same village. Total population in these areas exceed 10,000. There is a branch post Office and Public call office with the pin code 628 827. Telephone facilities are connected to Srivaikundam exchange (code : 4630) from Tuticorin division. There are two schools, one run by Panchayat board and the other by private mission, coaches upto SSLC in Tamil medium. Students for other studies and medium go to Eral, Athur, Sawyerpuram etc., mostly by private transport.

The main avocation of the people is wetland cultivation. River water fed through canal and tank is available almost through the year. Nearly two thousand and five hundred acres of such land provide seasonal employment. Two crops of Paddy and an inter crop of grams is common. Cash crops include plantains & betel leaves. People go out to other areas for off-season employment. Coconut and other groves are also in plenty.